To my fair Threepio

Based on the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series by Ian Doescher

When AT-AT walkers threaten presently,
The thought of thee some stillness doth beget.
In love thou Master art, and I trainee,
Thou art a feast that doth mine hunger whet.
To fond Naboo we’ll go, with verdant sheen,
Aye, thither let us dash, with ardent zest.
If thou wert droid, I’d love thee, though machine
My love for thee hath ev’ry day progress’d.
Love is the roaming bantha, we its prey,
Love, by the Force, doth work upon one’s heart,
Love aches, both when ‘tis here or gone astray,
Love doth heal pain and grief, at least in part.
No laser or lightsaber do I fear,
There’s safety to be found in my love’s sphere.